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DeAndre Levy, Linebacker, Detroit Lions

\"D&P sent me to a trainer that helped me kick-butt in my Pro Day. They helped me to deal with a post-season injury that limited me from playing in an all-star game and going to the Combine...and still I went in the third round. As many D&P clients before me, I have become a rookie starter for the Lions.\" - DeAndre Levy, Linebacker, Detroit Lions

Chris Chester, Guard/Center, Washington Redskins

\"I went to the NFL Combine and I had a number of NFL Team interviews. I was amazed that everyone that I talked to knew Domann & Pittman and complimented me for making a wise decision.\"  - Chris Chester, Guard/Center, Washtington Redskins 

Chris Kuper, Guard, Denver Broncos

\"They help out a lot! Throughout training camp, they call regularly, making sure everything is all right. They talk to the front office, GM, and coaches, making sure that I\'m doing the right thing.\" - Chris Kuper, Guard, Denver Broncos

Signing with D&P

Once you sign with D&P, together we will create a plan, one season and one year at a time towards you reaching your maximum potential as player and as person. D&P will take you through the NFL Draft process to make sure that, like so many of our other clients before you, Draft Day is an exciting, fun and financially rewarding experience. D&P will guide you through many career phases after your Rookie season into Veteran Free Agency where the contract dollars make even the high draft pick deals look small. We want you to maximize your second and third contracts. Our track record for getting our veteran clients paid on their second and third deals is second to none.

Becoming the highest NFL Draft selection and the best NFL rookie





Becoming the highest NFL Draft selection and the best NFL rookie that you can be begins right now! At D&P, it begins with a customized plan just for you, everything including the following:

· Preparation for all-star games

· Combine training

· Pro Day preparation

· Pre-draft marketing

· Lines of credit and auto acquisition

· Pre-draft and post-draft marketing & publicity

· Rookie card deals

· Nike, Reebok and Under Armour gear

· Website

· Foundations


We are committed to assisting you to succeed! We will promote you…and advise you…and coach you at every step on key decisions you will make. At D&P, we’re all about you!

Our Clients Training

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