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"D&P’s primary objective is focusing on YOU!  We customize our representation to assist you in achieving your lifelong goals and dreams. "

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Domann & Pittman has a seasoned team of professionals to help you maximize your career

Craig Domann

Craig Domann, Principal

"We believe that God’s will for our lives is to help young men make good decisions, build their families and maximize their NFL careers."

Drew Pittman

Drew Pittman, Principal

"We feel like football is a relationship business, not only with clients but also with teams.  Our good relationships with teams helps our clients start off ahead"


Jim Grogan

"D&P has a reputation in the league for integrity, professional aggressiveness and hard work. As your agent, you can feel confident and secure that you are represented by a well-respected, strong and successful agency with all its resources focused on your career."


Doug Oomen

"So when you choose us, your not getting one agent, it's really like your getting the whole Domann & Pittman team working for you."


Teddi Domann

"Domann & Pittman has a strong Marketing Team. Strong in the sense that we have lots of experience, over 50 years of experience collectively between all of us"


Darlene Warmouth

Director of Client Service, a Master Degree in Sports Management from Miami of Ohio's Sports Management Program, has been serving D&P clients for 7 years.


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