• Rob Ninkovich

    Rob Ninkovich

    " D&P has stood by me during the tough times and never once gave up on me. Their consistent loyalty and dedication to me helped me receive the largest contract of my career this year."

    - Rob Ninkovich, LB, New England Patriots

  • Chris Chester

    Chris Chester

    "I went to the NFL Combine and I had a number of NFL Team interviews. I was amazed that everyone that I talked to knew Domann & Pittman and complimented me for making a wise decision."

    - Chris Chester, OL, Washington Redskins

  • Jared Cook

    Jared Cook

    " There were other things guys would tell me that I knew weren't right and with Domann & Pittman they never tried to sell me on money, never tried to tell me how much I was going to make or where I was going to get drafted. They just told me that if you work hard you can put yourself in the best position. They kept it 100% real from the beginning. "
    - Jared Cook, TE, St. Louis Rams

  • Ryan Lilja

    Ryan Lilja

    "Naturally you will have lots of people telling you lots of different things, whether it's agents, financial people or team people, and you will sometimes be confused about who you can trust. D&P has always been honest and trustworthy."
    - Ryan Lilja, OL, Kansas City Chiefs

Domann & Pittman Sports Representation and Management

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The D&P team is recognized in the industry as experienced, creative and tough negotiators. They have valuable relationships with key front office executives at every NFL Team. The D&P agents have a combined 75 years of player representation experience. Our NFL Player-Coaches embody a combined 35 years of NFL playing experience and knowledge to share with you. Together we will create a plan – one season and one year at a time – to guide you from your Rookie season into Veteran Free Agency.

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